Why Break/Fix Doesn’t Work

The answer for many organizations is to look at outsourcing to meet the technology needs of an organization in a cost-effective manner. However, traditional outsourcing under a ‘break/fix’ model is simply not efficient: there is no incentive for the break/fix service provider to keep the network up and running. These companies usually charge per hour for support, or perhaps offer a discount with blocks of prepaid time. Their technicians come to your office to solve a specific computer issue. These on-site technicians are expensive, and the company they work for often has expectations for the amount of billable time their employees need to have. It is a pretty standard practice for the technician to manage their own time to an extent, and they are responsible for producing their own billing and that is reflected in their pay. In a situation like this, the tech wants to complete the task and move on to the next client to rack up enough billable hours to make their boss happy. This leaves them in a position where they simply don't have the time to resolve other issues or run maintenance on systems to minimize downtime and ensure that your entire infrastructure is running smoothly. There's no reason to show anyone in your organization how to resolve even a simple problem (rebooting a router for example) because that means one less billable call in the future. Plus, answering questions and checking into other issues might cut into the other billable visits that tech has that day. This method works well enough for residential users with computer troubles, but let's be serious, you are trying to run a business.

In the end, you end up paying for the technician to come out, along with the employee(s) who couldn't work due to the issue.


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Why Our Way Aligns Your Mission with Ours

Further complicating things is the high amount of volatility in the IT provider market: firms are constantly being sold or merging with larger, national organizations, making it extremely difficult to identify a partner who is dedicated to a long-term relationship.

Under the JTT IT Services model, your organization and ours have an aligned mission: To have an efficient, reliable computer network with maximum uptime. No hours to track, no overage fees – just a shared desire to keep the network up and running.

JTT’s IT Support Services provides for the necessary amount of support and consultation without the need for an actual FTE.

We take the best aspects of hourly support and the best aspects of preventative maintenance, add a live help desk that anyone in your company can call anytime without an extra fee, and bundle it all together into an easy-to-budget flat rate. To keep our costs low and our clients happy, we've spent a lot of time and money investing in an infrastructure that can automatically monitor your servers and workstations, detecting problems before they cause you downtime. Additionally, Jackson Thornton Technologies has the backing of one of the oldest and largest professional services firms in the state of Alabama. We desire and want to commit to a long-term partnership with your organization.


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